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Graphic Design

The Picture-THIS credo maintains that excellent design is a happy association of form and function. We believe in design that is both attractive and smart; that simultaneously beckons your audience and communicates your message. This approach is founded on a balanced understanding of three key elements:

Marketing Acumen

Harmony between a fetching appearance and an intentional expression starts with our commitment to understanding your business and the environment in which it functions. All of your marketing projects, big and small, benefit from an approach steeped in a rich background of corporate marketing management. Our exclusive worksheets and surveys get at the heart of your marketing plan. Getting to know how you work, and where you want your business to go, enables us to think more like you and your market. This inevitably leads to a design process that feels more intuitive, more right..... more quickly!

Design Intelligence

Every Picture-THIS project is infused with a keen eye for composition, color, balance, texture and the myriad other elemental and technical components of good design. Whether for jaw-dropping effect or more utilitarian usage, all Picture-THIS creatives receive the same attention to design detail. This insures that all of your marketing materials coordinate harmoniously in look and feel and that they function well in their intended media.

Picture-THIS creativity extends across the full range of marketing design at exactly the level you need. We can work with you to create an entirely fresh new look for your corporate identity; one that expresses the unique nature of your business, event or campaign. We can create key components or even just fill-in bits for your marketing program materials. We can also re-purpose existing designs and even work with your agencies of record to stretch your design budgets. Good design, applied judiciously is not only beautiful, it’s cost effective too!

Media Expertise

Our fully digital graphics services are rooted in a deep understanding of print and electronic delivery systems so you can relax and know that all designs will work just the way you intended them to. As a one-stop shop for design and delivery, Picture-THIS will create beautiful marketing materials that save you time and money, again and again!


Websites, Flash presentations, slide shows and other projected visuals will look like they were born to communicate via your chosen delivery system, directly to your market. Colors will be true and fonts, layouts, and design elements will be painstakingly matched to provide a unified look and feel and to work efficiently on designated platforms. Personal staging and ftp sites allow us to create and share work in progress freely with our clients in a secure envirornment.


Sales & marketing collateral, event materials, corporate communications, advertisements, direct mail, and other reflective materials require different sensibilities. These workhorses of the marketing world need an experienced eye but also a fresh approach to keep things from getting stale. Picture-THIS offers expertise in design, stock selection, finishes, trims and binding. Additionally a strong foundation in pre-press and print technoloy insures that delivered goods whether printed by us or your printers, meet or, as often happens, exceed expectations.


Graphics for trade shows, events, conferences, exhibits, museums, retail and restaurant displays, billboards, signage, posters and banners require hands on experience with large format work. Colors, font size, image resolution, message length, reading time, lighting, are just some of the factors that are considered carefully to produce the show stopping design you want and the audience response you need. As always, Picture-THIS connects the mechanics of good design with an understanding of your target market, and the results are simply right - every time!