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Web Sites + Multimedia

Picture-THIS recognizes that your marketing efforts cross all media and that it’s important that your brand be represented equally well in each unique environment. Design for electronic display formats requires not only a keen understanding of the underlying technologies and support systems, but also an intuitive realization of how the audience interacts with the media and how images and text are perceived. Picture-THIS starts with your goals and then characterizes your audience members to develop rich media that produces a beneficial and memorable experience for participants. This targeted approach typically translates into the kind of positive responses that advance your business objectives.

Web-based designs demand an appreciation for clear communications, lit display aesthetics, interconnected usability, bandwidth requirements, searchability enhancement as well as a host of other technological considerations. While search engine optimization often requires some paid advertising components, Picture-THIS believes that solid initial organic planning and design will go a long towards boosting rankings and further supporting paid campaigns.
Design for electronic formats does not stop at website design. Picture-THIS is well-experienced in the development of the kind of slide presentations, Flash animation sequences and CD/DVD productions that engage viewers and advance your cause. You might just be very pleasantly surprised at the impact that a well executed sales presentation or training piece can have with an even modest budget!

  • Website Design
  • CD / DVD Production
  • Animation (Flash)
  • Slide Presentations
    (PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, JPEG)